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Who is Ron Murray?

I’m a former English and Indonesian language teacher, trained journalist and marketer who has built a career in corporate and marketing communications – both in house and agency.

Married with two adult sons, I live in Ellerslie Auckland and when not wordsmithing and strategising for clients, I enjoy woodturning, music, yoga, surfing, reading and writing books, poems, songs and blogs for myself (and anyone else who’s interested).

What is Wryt’ings?

I set up Wryt’ings as a place to share my thoughts, learnings, experiences and pure moments of wonderment (good and bad) about the world we live in – as recorded in verse and prose. Part museum, part holding-pen, part showroom and part shop (if you like what you see).

I varied the spelling – adding a ‘y’ and an apostrophe – out of an unshakeable but reasonable addiction to puns (delivered subtly). As well, a lot of what I come across that catches my attention involves the wry twists that occur in life…so – wry t’ings.

I believe a writer’s job is to observe and reflect, bring lightness to the experience when it’s needed, but also truth – which may not be so light. If what happens to me, or what I encounter seems to carry some value as experience recounted, for even just a few people, that’s the payback – the bonus – for me.

My Musings | Blog

Getting back

Just saw my first live concert in a long while – cheers COVID. It was filmed 53 years ago. Yeah, [...]

Murex Press

Murex Press is my publishing house, which is a rather grand description for a very small bach at the beach (as it is at the moment!)

A Murex (for the uninitiated) is a spectacular species of shell found around the world in many different configurations and colours. It usually has slender arms radiating off the shell, which appear fragile – but the Murex more than holds its own in the rough and tumble of sub-sea life.

Why Murex? Just love shells – and this is one of the loveliest. Elegant and a little prickly? But run the words Murex and Press together and there’s a hint about what this is all about personally. Ever the punster…


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