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Who is Ron Murray?

I’m a former English and Indonesian language teacher, trained journalist and marketer who has built a career in corporate and marketing communications – both in house and agency.

Married with two adult sons, I live in Ellerslie Auckland and when not wordsmithing and strategising for clients, I enjoy woodturning, music, yoga, surfing, reading and writing books, poems, songs and blogs for myself (and anyone else who’s interested).

My Books


“If you love the Coromandel and a good novel, have a read of Coromandel Dreamin’. It is a delightful book that brings together a community of diverse characters each with their own individual strengths and the creation of a lifelong camaraderie you can resonate with. There are plot twists, turns and turbulent times to navigate on this journey of bravery, love and friendship. It is an enjoyable read that reminds you of the impact you have on others, the importance of belonging and what is possible if you say yes to the opportunities that come your way. “
– Jo Parkin

What is Wryt’ings?

I set up Wryt’ings as a place to share my thoughts, learnings, experiences and pure moments of wonderment (good and bad) about the world we live in – as recorded in verse and prose. Part museum, part holding-pen, part showroom and part shop (if you like what you see).

I varied the spelling – adding a ‘y’ and an apostrophe – out of an unshakeable but reasonable addiction to puns (delivered subtly). As well, a lot of what I come across that catches my attention involves the wry twists that occur in life…so – wry t’ings.

I believe a writer’s job is to observe and reflect, bring lightness to the experience when it’s needed, but also truth – which may not be so light. If what happens to me, or what I encounter seems to carry some value as experience recounted, for even just a few people, that’s the payback – the bonus – for me.

My Musings | Blog

Getting back

Just saw my first live concert in a long while – cheers COVID. It was filmed 53 years ago. Yeah, [...]

Murex Press

Murex Press is my publishing house, which is a rather grand description for a very small bach at the beach (as it is at the moment!)

A Murex (for the uninitiated) is a spectacular species of shell found around the world in many different configurations and colours. It usually has slender arms radiating off the shell, which appear fragile – but the Murex more than holds its own in the rough and tumble of sub-sea life.

Why Murex? Just love shells – and this is one of the loveliest. Elegant and a little prickly? But run the words Murex and Press together and there’s a hint about what this is all about personally. Ever the punster…

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