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Between hatching the bigger works (books), I have been a regular blogger and reviewer over the years. My topics can be reasonably eclectic, but books (other people’s books I’ve read and liked) and music feature prominently.

A selection of blogs from over the years follows.

In time, all else allowing, I propose to publish a collection of these smaller works – working title Out of My Head (maybe…). And watch for the occasional blog popping up online from me, or in my regular newsletter to those readers who like what I write.

The latest musing…

Crisis? What Crisis…China Crisis!

Concerts that take my fancy are few and far between at the moment. One I booked earlier this year, couldn't find anyone wanted to go with, and had largely forgotten in the hubbub of mid-2022's madness was China Crisis, which Ticketmaster exuberantly reminded me was happening on 10 December at The Tuning Fork. Up against Jack Johnson (at the Springs), Guns 'n Ross at Eden Park and Christmas in the Park, I did wonder what other eccentrics would come out on a wet night to see a relatively obscure band. Well 200, maybe 250 did, jammed into the Fork's narrow, [...]

My Musings


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