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Between hatching the bigger works (books), I have been a regular blogger and reviewer over the years. My topics can be reasonably eclectic, but books (other people’s books I’ve read and liked) and music feature prominently.

A selection of blogs from over the years follows.

In time, all else allowing, I propose to publish a collection of these smaller works – working title Out of My Head (maybe…). And watch for the occasional blog popping up online from me, or in my regular newsletter to those readers who like what I write.

The latest musing…

Mixed Allsorts

Grinding out some exercise on the exercycle and listening to a playlist on Spotify – a go-to set of live songs I like - got me thinking about live music in general. Let’s face it – seeing the band you like “live” is the ultimate. They’re there in the flesh and pounding it out (though they may be somewhat far-off, large screens or not). Can’t beat it? Well, it’s a mixed bag really. But let’s work the scorecards. Hearing a band (or soloist) play live is potentially like being in their company.  If the lead players – the ones who [...]

My Musings

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