What else is on my mind?

Between hatching the bigger works (books), I have been a regular blogger and reviewer over the years. My topics can be reasonably eclectic, but books (other people’s books I’ve read and liked) and music feature prominently.

A selection of blogs from over the years follows.

In time, all else allowing, I propose to publish a collection of these smaller works – working title Out of My Head (maybe…). And watch for the occasional blog popping up online from me, or in my regular newsletter to those readers who like what I write.

The latest musing…

Internal comms – common fails and possible fixes

COVID-19’s impact on the workplace has been vividly depicted on our news channels for many months. It’s been an ongoing narrative of disruption, threatening mental wellbeing and personal and business prosperity, followed – in New Zealand at least – by a degree of recovery and marginal return to normal. But what’s it meant for employee communications? The heart of any workplace is its people – they determine the culture of the place – and the lifeblood of that culture is communications. COVID-19 imposed an urgent need to get important pandemic information – how to do the work and be safe, [...]

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