• A lyric exploration of New Zealand poet Ron Murray's experiences in two worlds: the idyllic seaside Bay of Plenty world of his youth, and the suburban Auckland terrain where he has spent most of his working life. It captures some of the compelling memories from both worlds through the first 60 years of his life – the deep, abiding attraction to and love for the beach and shore, waves, shells and other aspects of beach life, to reflections on the complex, grittier, jarring-at-times world of the city. It’s a personal and emotional journey in places, as the poet tries to make sense of – and draw lessons and succour from – his experiences. The verses, which include a number of song lyrics, are imbued with a love of rhythm derived from his interest in music, wedded to a fascination with wordplay and the layers of meaning attainable through the richness of the English language. Enjoy the surface meaning of my poems, he says, but don’t be afraid to delve a little deeper.
  • Piece of Me is Ron Murray’s second collection of verse – a follow-up to his April 2019 volume, Houses of the Small Sea Dead. The poet hadn’t anticipated putting out a second collection so soon but in the intervening months his life personally – and more latterly the fortunes of the whole world – took a major hit, through a return of melanoma for the poet and the huge horror of COVID-19 for the planet’s peoples. Piece of Me is subtitled Poems for Turbulent Times – and it simply reflects Ron’s urgency to write in response to what was happening to (and around) him, along with other reflections. The collection includes a few poems that didn’t make the first book along with a number of song lyrics to round out the mood – and the poet hopes the abiding memory once you’ve read the verses is an optimistic one. The sun also rises.
  • 2nd Edition - Revised & Expanded 2nd Editing out shortly! Takes you on a journey through the good, the bad and the ugly of internal communications in the corporate environment. You’ll learn about what should be happening to ensure employees (and managers) know what they need to know to do their jobs well and happily, what often actually happens (which often falls well short of best practice), and how managers and employees can right the ship and improve the crucial business of internal communications. This isn’t just a book for communications managers or managers in general; it’s a book for every person working in an organisation – indeed, anyone at all with an interest in better communications. We all have a role to play in making it work and work well. And it’s about dialogue, not monologue.
  • A heartfelt guide to two pastimes: turning wood to make bowls and other objects, and meditation - and the way the two can combine to bring satisfaction and repose to a fraught and busy life, whatever your age. Kiwi author Ron Murray takes us on a journey into the "how-to" for both activities, drawing out the hugely positive benefits for the soul of getting a lathe, chisels, and some raw wood, and having a go. At the core of his thesis is the idea that turning IS meditation, for the quiet focus and pleasure it brings, and that turning also takes you into the fascinating and immensely satisfying world of woodcraft. Outside NZ?  Buy from Amazon
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